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When something good and unexpected happens, people can respond to that in different ways. Some call it luck, some call it a blessing. And some believe in the serendipitous cooperation of the two. Either way, you can show your appreciation for happy happenstance with a blessed SVG.

Our collection includes many beautiful typography files, as well as some lovely illustrations to bring out the special meaning of the word even more. You can craft some really thoughtful pieces with these SVGs, either as a gift or for specific holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Have a browse of our digital gallery and bring a smile to someone’s face with a blessed SVG.

Blessed SVG, Farmhouse SVG
Blessed SVG Design
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A free blessed SVG - there art thou happy

A pack of blessings light upon thy back! Help yourself to a free blessed SVG, or check out some of our discounted graphics, and get crafting on some encouraging pieces that you can make for yourself or share with your community.

You could make some really cool t-shirts, either for your church members or even for local students and athletes, as a spirit-raising gift for a pep rally or in the lead up to a big event or exam season. Also, if you know someone that recently went through some difficulties or maybe battled an illness, but things turned out well in the end, you could make them a garment or accessory with a blessed SVG so they never forget how lucky they were and that you’re always there for them.

Top tip: we have some great motivational bundles in the collection, featuring bible verses and positive messages in really pretty typography files. You could download a whole selection and make little sticker, badges or bookmarks to share with your friends.

Chin up and smile with a blessed SVG file

Another way you’re lucky is just how user friendly every blessed SVG file is. You can download your favorite graphic with just a few clicks and because they come in a variety of file formats, you have the flexibility to customize your design in whichever editing software you have access to. Plus, the SVGs are perfect for hand crafting as well as electronic machines, so you can still create some lovely crafts, even if you don’t have fancy equipment yet.

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