Bunny Clipart


Bunnies are one of the ultimate symbols of cuteness. They’re small, soft, and cuddly, and even the biggest grouch can’t help but croon at the sight of those wiggly tails. Your next craft project can be just as irresistibly adorable with the help of some bunny-themed graphics.

Our collections feature traditional illustrations, baby-themed cartoons, and sweet images perfect for Easter, so there are tons of possibilities for some fun and imaginative crafts and digital designs.

All our clipart files come with a dual license, so you can work on personal projects and use your graphics for commercial purposes. These graphics are perfect for crafting machines and traditional techniques, with quick and easy files to download and edit.

Bunny Clipart

Cute Bunny Clipart

Whether crafting is a hobby or part of your job, you can use these adorable clipart graphics for all sorts of designs and ideas. Creatives can use them for greeting cards, gift tags, buntings, social media graphics, email signatures, banners, newsletters, signage, scrapbooking, and personalizing apparel of all types. Plus more fabulous ways!

These clipart designs are ideal for making baby shower and birthday presents, decorating for a party or nursery or making school supplies. For example, you can pick a selection of loveable bunnies and decorate a photo album or make some original greeting cards or e-vites.

Black and White Bunny Clipart

Put on that thinking cap, creatives! With some of the black and white clipart here, you can get crafty! First, find the perfect silhouette design and add your own elements like swirls, flowers, shapes, and other details. Just like that, you’ve got an all-new design.

Creative can use their bunny graphics for all their favorite craft and design projects. Whether that means a decoration for Easter, or a party invitation, or even apparel, there’s a sweet project just waiting for you.

Design School Tutorials

Learn how to create your very own bunny-tastic designs from our experts at Design School Tutorials. Our easy-to-follow tutorials will guide you through every step of the design process, and you'll be able to create beautiful artwork to last a lifetime. Start creating today with Design School Tutorials!

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