Butterfly SVGs

Many believe that butterflies are symbols of endurance, hope, and positive life changes. Wherever you fall on the symbolism, most can agree that butterflies are bloomin’ beautiful. So, why not celebrate these special creatures with our butterfly svgs?

Expect to find hundreds of easy to download svgs featuring: silhouette butterflies, monogram frames, butterfly quotes, Zentangle butterflies, multi-color butterflies, butterfly mandalas, and many more.

With a single purchase, our range of bodacious butterfly designs will jazz up soft furnishings, tote bags, greetings cards, t-shirts, bunting, wedding stationery, classroom resources, or even bespoke monograms. Plus, everything in this collection is available for both personal and commercial use. Wahoo!

Love butterfly SVG
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3D Butterfly SVGs

Mandala Butterfly SVGs

Create Gorgeous Glass Art With Our Butterfly Collection

We’re sticking to the theme of new life with some good old upcycling. We recommend using the Design Bundles butterfly svg files to revive an old picture frame. Utilize one that you already have at home, or find a second-hand frame in a thrift store. The only requirement is that it still contains a glass panel, and it is possible to remove the backing/glass from the frame. As a side note, you shouldn’t feel sentimental about the picture or painting already displayed inside - this will be replaced with your glass art

Once you have chosen one of our stunning butterfly svgs files, download, and scale your design to fit the surface area of the glass panel that you wish to cover. You can then print your design onto standard paper via a digital paper cutter, or use a laser printer and then cut out by hand, using scissors or a craft knife.

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