Camping SVGs

Welcome, happy campers! Say goodbye to plumbing and hello to untamed landscapes - it’s time to get wild. Kick off your next getaway by getting the creative juices flowing with your new camping SVG.

It’s a very special thing to be able to get away from urban life and truly escape back into nature. The sound of wildlife and crisp, fresh air can be so intoxicating, that you’ll never want to go back. ...if you could only bring Netflix and your power shower.

But for your brief taste of the survivalist lifestyle, make the most of your trip with some fun crafting projects to go with it.

Take the scenic route with a free camping SVG

Start a fire and ready the marshmallows, it’s time for some scary stories! There’s no wifi and we forgot the bug-spray! Aaaaargh! Not to worry, your free camping SVG will make everything better...

Unless you’re trying to recreate your own Blair Witch project, or aggravate an ice-hockey masked stranger, camping tends to be a family activity. You could be extra cute and use an SVG to create matching badges for everyone, or a camping themed family logo.

Top tip: dragging an “indoor” friend on a camping trip is a particularly satisfying form of torture. So why not extra rub it in by sublimating one of our text SVGs on a hat or t-shirt for them, proclaiming how much they love camping… and can’t wait to go again. Cue evil laugh.

While you can never miss the comforts of home too much, you should make the most of your time away from the internet and convenient technology. You can help prepare fun activities for your camping trip by preparing your cut files ahead of time, packing all the required equipment, and getting stuck into some old fashioned crafting, surrounded by natural beauty for some extra inspiration.

Adventure awaits your camping SVG file

Our downloads come in a variety of formats, giving you full flexibility to edit your camping SVG file in whichever design software you’re most comfortable using. As soon as the file is ready, you can try all sorts of crafting techniques to bring your design to life, using machines like the Cricut, Silhouette, Sizzix or just a precision knife. Don’t forget that our SVGs come with a dual use license, if you ever wanted to go beyond just personal projects.

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