Cherry Clipart

With our yummy cherry clipart, you’ll be able to put that final perfect topping on your next design idea. Pick the fruit that stirs your senses and matches your personality, be it sweet, sexy, quirky or traditional.

If you’re craving something warm, delicious and satisfying, is there anything better than a freshly baked cherry pie? Cherries are wonderfully versatile, since they can make a number of very different desserts, garnish cocktails, decorate an ice cream or just be enjoyed crisp and fresh. So our collection enjoys the same adaptability and you’ll be able to find the perfect graphic for the style you want to achieve.

Kawaii cherry vector clipart

Some free cherry clipart to top your digital sundae

Treat yourself to some of our free cherry clipart and add a little lusciousness to your next creative project.

Whether you’re creating something from scratch, writing a blog, review or just honing your crafting skills, a cherry is the perfect little element to add to your composition to give it that extra flavor. You can make a myriad of lovely crafts, including gift wrap and tags, banners, posters, paper crafts, logos, you can customize your personal accessories, including making decals for your phone and laptop, or making a cute little patch for your wash bag or purse. Cherry print looks fantastic on fabric, so you could even use your clipart to adorn some fabric and design your own home decor, including cushions, kitchen towels and wall art.

Our collection doesn’t just focus on the delicious fruit, but also on beautiful cherry blossoms. These stunning trees make for chic and elegant floral elements that look perfect on invitations, greeting cards or as a border.

Pop your cherry clipart file!

Your cheeky cherry clipart file will be the final flourish on any design you might come up with. Their delicious simplicity makes them quite irresistible, so download your favorite cherry graphic today, tweak it in your editing software and see which one of your next designs might benefit from a sweet & succulent topping.

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