Chicken SVGs


Creatives, do you know the answer to this question? What came first? The chicken SVG or the egg? Your digital birdies certainly won’t produce any eggs, but they sure will lay creative design ideas! With our delightful collection, we have dozens of egg-ceptional design bundles for you to start hatching projects! Hehe, too much?

We’ve got SVGs perfect for various crafting ideas, including cuts, transfers, and backgrounds. Play around with graphics, illustrations, and lettering files to create your next poultry design. Perfect for farmhouse art, craft, and decor projects!

Our flightless buddies come in a surprising amount of beautiful varieties, so think outside the coop and raise your chicken design up on the pecking order! Ok, we’ll stop…

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Chick SVGs

Whether you’re searching for baby chicken designs (read chick) or those that are a slang reference to females, you’ll find them both! Now, we won’t discuss which version is cuter, but we will just say there’s something awfully adorable about those fluffy little birds. Your chick design would be a great addition to your design stash for when you’re looking for that cute appeal. Creatives can use their new cut file to make t-shirt designs, paper crafts, scrapbooking, and even sweet spring card designs.

With so many options for your graphics, crafters and makers can have a blast trying out new techniques. The image of a chicken evokes the feeling of home, coziness, a rustic comfort. You can make a whole range of matching home accessories and decor with an SVG bundle that suits your style.

Rooster SVGs

Rise and shine, creatives! It’s time to get busy with your projects. The options are needless, no matter what your style might be. You can transfer your SVG design onto a wooden object, such as a placemat or chopping board with a laser cutter. You could use that same design with sublimation to make matching mugs, towels, an apron, or a little papercraft to frame and hang up in the kitchen.

Our SVG designs aren’t just SVG! Most of the sassy SVG designers provide multiple file formats such as DXF, EPS, and even JPG so that you can be sure to get the format you need for your cutting machine. So whether you’re a Cricut user or a fan of Silhouette, you’ll be set!

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