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Before you put the ornaments on the tree, or before you decorate the rest of your house, the lights always come first. They are the glowing foundation for the Christmas spirit and you can carry that over into your crafts with a Christmas lights SVG.

Christmas is a time of coming together. Friends and relatives from all over gather to catch up, watch trash TV, argue, indulge in all the most delicious food in dangerous quantities and play cheesy games, decked out in hideous sweaters. As they approach your house, mentally prepping for all these wondrous joys, the first thing that will put them in that holiday spirit is seeing your lights glowing from the street!

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Christmas lights svg
Christmas Lights SVG

Light up the night sky with a free Christmas lights SVG

If ever there’s a time to get lit - it’s Christmas! Seeing Christmas lights shine everywhere, especially at a time of year with the least amount of sunlight, can’t help but cheer anyone who sees them. Pick out a free Christmas lights SVG to bring that same sparkle to your creative endeavors.

One of the things you could use your SVG for is to make a bit of wall art or a centrepiece for the Christmas table. Use your SVG as a template, then get some LED lights, attach them to the back of your design and slot the lights through the light pictures on the front. Then they can light up for real!

Top tip: you can use your SVG as a stencil to decorate your little one’s bedroom, and if you use phosphorescent paint, they can glow like little night lights when the sun goes down.

With your free Christmas lights SVG you can also make a lovely wreath design, which will look great as a border for a festive message, on a holiday card or even as a simple photo frame.

Deck the hall with your Christmas lights SVG file

Christmas lights are also of course… just lights. And they can be whipped out whenever you’d like to celebrate or decorate your house or venue for an event. So get as much use as possible from your Christmas lights SVG file - edit them and try out different crafts and techniques all year round.

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