Christmas Ornament Clipart


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! So be of good cheer, ready your crafting materials and download some Christmas ornament clipart to start decorating your home, ready to ring in the festive season.

One of the best things about using clipart for your DIY projects is that it doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a pro - you’ll get a good quality, professional finish, and in no time at all! Jingle those bells and stop buying run of the mill ornaments that everyone will have - design your own, fun and original pieces, so your tree stands a cut above the rest.

Christmas Ornament Clipart
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God bless us, everyone with some free Christmas ornament clipart

Dazzle everyone this holiday season with some unique and eye-catching decorations that you can craft using our free Christmas ornament clipart or one of our amazing discounted bundles.

If you find a clipart you particularly like, you can get a decorative theme going and make several elements to match. You can use your ornament clipart to also make some gift wrap, cards and tags, you can craft your own coasters or even transfer your design onto garments or glasses. For a simpler craft that the little ones can help out with, why not print out your clipart in bulk and make some garlands to go around a room or adorn your front door.

Making your own ornaments is a great way to also do a bit of recycling. You can repurpose lots of things lying around the house - in particular all that cardboard you’ll no doubt accumulate from ordering everyone’s Christmas presents online. But if you have any old clothes lying around, you can turn them into an ornament, and add a few fun accessories like buttons, pins or whatever else you dig up in that drawer of mysterious mess that everyone has.

Your Christmas ornament clipart file will last for years!

Your Christmas ornament clipart file will be impervious to your cat, or baby, or inebriated guests. You can craft your design onto sturdy or unbreakable materials, such as a plush ornament or perspex, if you have the right cutting machine. And even if your ornament succumbs to the toils of celebration - with the file safely locked in your portfolio, you can easily make a replacement!

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