Circle SVGs


We know what you must be thinking. How much can you do with just one shape? As it happens, the possibilities are endless - just like your new circle SVG. Circles are found everywhere you look, both in the modern world and in nature. And that’s why this perfectly symmetrical single-line wonder can add a beautiful design element to just about anything. A circle encompasses, so think of it as a frame for whatever design you want to create.

Circles and similar designs are ideal for creating monogram-style art. Try using a circle with vinyl and creating labels, or use some HTV and personalize all the items around the house. Plus, our SVG files come in several formats and are incredibly easy to edit with your design software.

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Circle Frame SVGs

With our circle frame designs, you could make beautiful artworks for your home or create a whole new look for your website or product range.

Top tip: designs that feature a perfect circle will look their best using a cutting machine. You can still use scissors or a knife, but since the finish won’t be as neat.

We have SVGs where the circle is composed of different textures or objects so that you could have a circle of flowers, rope, arrows - even building blocks! Conversely, many of our SVG files play with the internal space and focus on various stunning designs in the center. At the same time, the circle remains elegant with the subtle elements of the border.

Circle Border SVGs

A circle has no end. It goes on forever - and so can your ideas! With such an elemental image as a circle border design, you can truly show off your originality by seeing how many different ways you can manipulate one simple form.

Let yourself get caught up in an infinite loop of creativity with our multiple file formats perfect for whatever you’re looking to design. Plus, all of our designs come with both a Personal and a Commercial License. You’ll also have unlimited customer support if you need any help. So what are you waiting for? Get crafting!

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