Clipboard Clipart

Click through our collection and collate a collage to create some clever crafts with clipboard clipart to clue you in! Heheh, sorry, we couldn’t resist.

This simple, but genius tool has been around since 1908, invented by George Henry Hohnsbeen. The neat combination of a flat board and fastener make this an invaluable addition to your office equipment - both elegant and practical. Throw in a little pen holder on the side and you’re golden. If you have a job that’s very mobile and requires a lot of data gathering whilst on your feet and on the move, the clipboard is as essential as a comfortable pair of shoes!

Kawaii clipboard vector clipart
Vector Planning Icon
Vector Planning Icon
Someone is reviewing a list
clipboard svg/ clipboard silhouette
Clipboard Doodle Icons
Vector Planning Icon
Vector Clipboard Icon
Vector Clipboard Icon
Vector Clipboard Icon
Movie night vector clipart
Cinema objects clipart
Movie clapboard. Vector set.

Get all the details with your free clipboard clipart

Come up with nifty designs or add a little pizazz to your physical clipboard with some of our fun free clipboard clipart.

Probably the most recognizable use of the clipboard is by doctors and nurses. These easy to handle contraptions are ideal for getting a clear snapshot of crucial data. While the tech heads among us might think it’s time to retire these old school aids in favor of more advanced gadgets, just remember that you need a clipboard per patient - so an easy to use and inexpensive tool is very important. Plus what are you going to do if the internet’s down? Administer the wrong medicine? You can show off the utility of this great item of stationery with our brilliant bundles, especially those that feature additional graphics of medical staff and other hospital supplies.

You can also use your clipart file to decorate homework assignments and presentations, plus create a digital clipboard for your own personal use, maybe as a reminder checklist or daily and weekly personal goals.

You’ll look the part with a clipboard clipart file

People who carry clipboards usually mean business. Quality control, supervision, assessment - you name it - it’s all about accurate data gathering and attention to detail. Every clipboard clipart file has received the same amount of diligent scrutiny, which is great news for you, because they’re super fast and easy to download and edit - so you’ll be ready to start crafting in no time at all.

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