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We can all get a little lost from time to time, literally and figuratively. We’ll help you stay on track with a trusty compass SVG.

Learning how to use a compass is a universally taught survival skill. Even if you don’t know how to build a fire, you know a magnetic needle will always point north. And based on where the sun rises and sets, in theory, that should be enough to get you home. Or at least hopefully towards people and away from bears. Since we usually find ourselves needing a compass outside and far away from populated areas, a compass graphic is definitely one best suited for nature inspired projects.

Born to Explore SVG | Compass SVG | Travel
Compass SVG | Just Go SVG | Travel

Listen with your heart to the free compass SVG

Our collection includes some super awesome images that can work great with a hiking, camping or environmental theme. Get started with a free compass SVG, plus be sure to check out all of our other fantastic discounts.

We have a compass in every conceivable style, so you could go for something sleek and modern, vintage, highly detailed or rustic chic. If you’re planning a trip with family or friends, or if you’re part of a nature group and want to make some goodies for fellow members and colleagues, you can use your SVG to make some creative and useful crafts.

You can turn your SVG into a vinyl decal, which will withstand the elements better, to decorate your camping equipment, such as your water canister and food containers, or you can craft matching t-shirts for the whole family, or even sublimate waterproofs - so you can be dry and stylish.

Find your way with a compass SVG file

If you teach little ones outdoor skills, just in a local group or with Cub Scouts, a compass SVG file could be a great design to use with your learning tools. You can decorate info pamphlets and instructions sheets, as well as design your own merit badges and skillset monograms.

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