Construction Clipart

Visit any town or any city - construction is everywhere and always ongoing. As a society, we’re constantly changing and creating, maintaining and updating, renovating and innovating - in fact, we can barely keep up with our own ambitious ideas as cities grow larger and reach higher. See where your inner architect might take you with some fun construction clipart.

The aspiring builders and engineers out there will find this collection particularly stimulating. We’ve got everything covered, from basic tools to large scale equipment, vehicles and safety signs, so you can jazz up every stage of your project with some helpful visual aids.

Excavator Vector Clipart
Tow Truck Vector Clipart

Build up your portfolio with some free construction clipart

Our collection is full of images that are particularly child friendly - it’s incredibly important to nurture our children’s fascination with building and creating. Encourage them to use their imaginations and build with their hands with the help of some free construction clipart.

What little kid doesn’t love playing with trucks and tractors, building blocks and legos. One of the first things they’ll draw, besides mommy and daddy, is probably your house. These are all the foundations of a creative mind that could go on to become the next Frank Lloyd Wright! Why not print out some of our construction bundles and let them play around with their own mini building site. Or, for the technologically advanced amongst us, they can play with their graphics on their computers or tablets - the next generation of digital creators!

As with anything else, safety comes first. You can use our wonderful cliparts to not only have fun with your kids and teach them all about how building works, but also highlight the important safety features of working carefully and responsibly. It’s a great idea to encourage good habits early on and nothing like some fun and colorful pictures to help you do it.

Don’t forget your hard hat and your construction clipart file!

If a friend or relative of yours works in construction then you probably know just what a high stakes and challenging job it can be, not to mention in a high risk environment. Why not use your construction clipart file to craft them something special that they can wear or keep on them during the long days or even trips away on site. Try sublimating a t-shirt or maybe even making a keyring in the shape of a construction vehicle or tool, or keep things simple and make an original design with a caution tape pattern.

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