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Who hasn’t heard of the little winged baby that flies around, infecting us with those pesky feelings of love. Get going on some lovey dovey designs with your own cupid clipart!

The notion of love at first sight tweaks the romantic bone even in the coldest of cynics. Afterall, who hasn’t caught someone’s eye across the room and instantly thought - dayum! Where we draw the line between love and chemistry varies from person to person, but on the rare occasion we feel that desirous sting, you can almost believe that you were hit by a nude flying baby’s arrow.

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Embrace the corniness with some free cupid clipart

Check out some fun ideas below for all the cutesy crafts that you could make with your free cupid clipart. Ready the pink confetti!

A cliché perhaps, but an adorable cupid clipart is the ideal centrepiece for your next Valentine’s day card. Even if you’re not into any of that other schmaltzy stuff, nobody can resist that squooshie little baby butt. And if you have a baby, now is the time to get all those embarrassing photos in, so why not use your clipart to DIY your own little cupid costume to adorn the little one in for an epic photoshoot to dig up at their wedding.

For the less cookie cutter inclined crafters out there, there’s no need to buy into the forced romance of the occasion. Sometimes, we rather wish the little guy would just leave us alone to make our own mistakes, so why not pick out one of our more sarcastic options - oh yes, we have them - to subtly display that you’re not THAT kind of person.

Watch out for the arrow from your cupid clipart file

Whether you’re yay or nay when it comes to big showy displays of affection, a good sense of humor can make even the cringiest of things tolerable, if not downright fun. Pick out a cupid clipart file that speaks to your personal preferences and let your Cricut machine take care of the rest!

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