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As Frenchy once said, the only man a girl can depend on is her daddy. So for all those papa bears out there, pick out a fun and loving dad SVG and craft a gift straight from the heart.

Some are strict, some are silly, some are tall and lanky, some are sweet balding hobbits - daddies come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and personalities, but some things remain constant throughout - love of a comfy armchair, love of home cooking, an unfinished DIY project gathering dust somewhere, and an emergency stash of Rogaine they think mom doesn’t know about (but actually bought for them as a hint!).

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Embrace the bad jokes with a free dad SVG

Whether you have decades of sweet memories, or something closer to a telenovela, there’s no denying that fathers are a huge and formative part of everyone’s lives. With a free dad SVG you can create something to commemorate what they’ve meant for you - even if it’s a project to help you heal and move on.

They may be pros or masters of charcoal, but a dad is always in charge of the barbecue. Give them a gift officially proclaiming them King of the Pit with a personalized t-shirt. You could even decal your SVG onto a beer pitcher, to match.

Top tip: for the bearded and mustachioed papas out there, besides a dapper face-fuzz lotion, you can add some texture to your SVG and sew on some wool or yarn in a shape resembling their whiskers!

And for those first time daddy’s out there, they’re in for a lot of work! Why not pick a text based SVG to transfer onto a baby grow - but type up instructions for how to correctly change a diaper, or prepare a bottle.

Ready the dad SVG file - it’s time for a mid-life crafting crisis!

Being a dad is a lot of responsibility, so it’s nice when they get a little unexpected show of appreciation from time to time. Don’t wait for the next birthday or father’s day - make the most of your dad SVG file and craft them something original… just because. And maybe throw in a beer, if they’ve had a particularly rough day.

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