Dance SVGs

Dance! Nothing left for you to do but dance! Feel the rhythm with your own dance SVG, pop on your favorite track and let’s boogie! Art is a cross-disciplinary practice no matter what part you specialize in - one form can’t help but inspire another, and vice versa.

Dancing has as many different styles and forms of expression as any other art form. Ballet, tango, breakdancing and yes, even twerking. They’re all forms of passion and the most basic way of expressing our feelings in a way everyone can understand. So whether you’re a graceful pro or an uncoordinated mess, embrace the beat, dance your heart out and let it inspire your next creative work.

Dancer SVGs

Show off your best moves with a free dance SVG

They can dance, but can they craft? Get yourself a free dance SVG and try out a new skill, if you’ve never done something like it before. Whether you have a simple printer or are investing in a crafting machine, you can experiment with transfers, decals, stickers, embossing, sublimation and so much more.

Like any other athletic activity, dancing requires a fair amount of gear. T-shirts, leg warmers, leotards, knee pads, hoodies, leggings - and all of them could be run of the mill, or have a little pizazz. You can style up all your dancing clothes with an SVG that shows off your favorite moves, your fashion tastes, your personality. Everything you wear tells a story about who you are, so why not use an SVG to make that story more interesting.

Top tip: a lot of dance clothes and athleisure wear is made of stretchy materials, such as spandex and nylon, that can scorch or melt under high heat. If you want to apply your design onto these materials, you’ll need to get some specialized transfer vinyls and a low temperature transfer press.

Be the lord of the dance SVG file!

There are as many crafts you could make with a dance SVG file as there are dance moves - your only limitation is your imagination... and possibly crafting materials. You can tweak your chosen SVG as much as you like in design software such as Photoshop or Inkscape, then use it for various crafting techniques with the help of your trusty cutting machine or precision knife, if you’re going old school.

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