Dream Catcher Clipart

Dream catchers originated with a group of natives of North America, the Ojibwe, who hung dream catchers above the bed as a charm to protect sleeping children from nightmares.It was said that the dreamcatcher trapped all the bad dreams of the sleeper, bestowing good luck and allow good dreams to flow freely.

Today dream catchers are still used to ward off bad luck and bad dreams, however, they can also be seen in an array of modern materials and incorporated into interior design, jewellery and marketing materials. We hope that our collection of dream catcher clipart will bring you good luck in your crafting endeavours!

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Dreamcatcher Watercolor Illustrations

Steer clear of bad dreams with free dream catcher clipart

Dream catchers are very beautiful, intricate objects, that have an almost other-wordly feel to them. You might think that it would be impossible to create a digital design that comes anywhere close to the elegance of the real world versions, however, you might be surprised! Our free dream catcher clipart collection boasts an array of styles from simple and sleek in one colour and fine lines to multicoloured designs incorporating elements such as the moon, an owl or a wolf, hinting at the dream catcher’s origins.

There are many tutorials out there which can help you create your very own dream catcher, from more traditional materials such as flexi wood, twine, beads, faux feathers to more modern takes using embroidery hoops, macrame style string art, faux flowers and every color in the rainbow. Why not make the design really personal and include a photograph, token or family motto as part of your installation? We have many fonts which would be the perfect match for an elegant homage to your loved ones.

Don’t get pinned down, let your dream catcher clipart file fly!

Variety is the spice of life, so why not use your dream catcher clipart file on lots of different ideas and art projects? Our downloads are perfect for use in gifting, online content, social media, paper crafts, scrapbooking, banners and wall art, to name just a few. Our dual licence gives you the freedom to use your design for personal as well as commercial use and we also offer some super discounts on many of our bundles.

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