Dripping Lips SVGs

As the mighty Rolling Stones taught us, lips can make a bold statement. Outrageous lips even more so. The dripping lips SVG is not for the faint of heart or subtle of creativity - you want to make your next project make an impact, then this is the SVG for you.

As long as you’re being ostentatious, why not go all out and make a design that’s really fierce. The dripping lips can be just the start. Throw in some skulls, some flames, slather the whole thing in glitter and put on a rave! This collection is like a wild party for the eyes so make the most of it.

A free dripping lips SVG for something really delicious

Have you ever had food so delicious that you throw all manners out the window and eat like you’re a toddler again, with the sumptuous juices running down your chin? Yeah, it’s the best. With a free dripping lips SVG you can pay homage to whichever dish brought you such joy with a messily alluring stamp of approval.

If you run a cafe or restaurant, or planning a dinner party, you can adorn the menus with some drippy lips or, not unlike the little peppers to indicate spiciness, you could use the lips to annotate deliciousness - like the day’s special or chef’s signature dish.

Just as food can make you drool, so can a particularly good wine. Sometimes, at the end of a long hard day, you can’t sip wine like a polite lady, you have to lap it up like a parched dog. Or at least you definitely know someone who does that. You can make a novelty glass of wine with you SVG or allude to this in their next birthday card.

Be bold and daring with a dripping lips SVG file

Depending on how you’d like to use your sexy pucker, you can easily edit your dripping lips SVG file in a range of design software and print and cut your design with either a regular printer or a specialized crafting machine, such as the Cricut or Silhouette. If you’d like to expand on your lippy experience, be sure to check out some of our discounted graphics and bundles as well!

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