Dumbbell Clipart


This is the perfect collection for you gym buffs out there - pick out some dumbbell clipart and let’s have a great creative workout!

Whether you love your weights or would like to pretend you’re a Victorian Circus Strongman - always fun - we have lots of fun and colorful graphics to help you put together a great design or make your own weighty crafts.

These exercise tools have been around for over 2,000 years and, not surprisingly, can be traced back to the ancient Greeks! Train like Achilles himself (probably) with your own super cool and super fit clipart.

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And one, and two, and free dumbbell clipart!

With your free dumbbell clipart, you can pump that iron and reinvigorate your brand image, blog post or active wear!

With so many gym accessories looking samey, it’s fun to be able to stand out and show off your personality, as well as your biceps. Use one of our cute cartoons to personalize your gym bag, t-shirts or even sweatbands. You could also design your own schedule or progress chart.

It’s great to encourage everyone to exercise, and the best thing about dumbbells is that it’s all about strength training - no nasty cardio. You can put together some posters or online content, aimed at seasoned sports enthusiasts as well as beginners - weight training is a fun way to get strong and tone up and definitely beats going for a run! Our collection also has some funny and motivational typography files, as well as logos, so you could dumbbellify all aspects of your business or social media presence.

Become your own trainer with a dumbbell clipart file!

You could come up with many a splendid design with your dumbbell clipart file, so download today and see how many different ideas you could come up with. You can even put together your own exercises and routines for your clients - with our dual licence, you can craft and design for your business, as well as just for fun.

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