Earring SVGs

Since the dawn of sticking holes in oneself, earrings have been a fun form of self-expression. But in a sea of endless plastic, or earrings that all look the same, you can use an earring SVG to start making your own.

We have some fantastic offers on earring bundles, featuring unique designs that you can make in the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget that our SVGs have a dual licence so you can expand your operation!

Whether you’re going for a tribal look or minimalist chic, there’s an earring SVG that will perfectly communicate your personal style.

Hang around with your free earring SVG

Between jewelry, masks, sunglasses and headphones, your ears sure do have their work cut out for them. When crafting your free earring SVG, why not pick a lightweight material - the earrings will look just as good, but your ears won’t be getting dragged down - let’s leave the droopy lobed look for Buddha.

Top tip: with your preferred SVG bundles, you can cut individual panels and layer your earrings to give them a bit more depth. If feeling brave, you could even combine two or more different SVG to come up with a whole new design. You can also use your SVG to make a matching pendant to complete the look.

If you’re not sure how an SVG might look on you or with a particular outfit, why not take a photo of yourself and play around with the file to see if it goes with your intended look, before you start cutting.

Flaunt your new earring SVG file

Ideally you do need a laser cutter to make these designs, to work with sturdier materials and ensure the neatest possible finish. The good news is, doing this yourself with an earring SVG file means you minimise waste and can recycle random materials lying around the house - eco friendly fashion and all you need is a Cricut and your imagination.

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