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Where would we be without emojis? They’ve basically become their own unique language. Why not use an emoji SVG to say what you want to say, with these universal images - everyone is emoji bilingual, so it’s actually an amazing form of communication that transcends cultural barriers.

As the expression goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s incredible how much you can communicate with a smiley face, a heart… or an eggplant. So it was almost a matter of time before emojis made their way into art and design, so you can have some fun with this colorful form of expression and come up with some sweet crafting ideas, inspired by your favorite little graphics.

Cute faces SVG
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Emoji with mask
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Up your likes with a free emoji SVG

A fun new emoji never fails to grab people’s attention, and you have the chance to turn some heads with a free emoji SVG. You could even make your own signature emoji design and add it to your online content or liven up your brand.

While our smartphones spoil us rotten with the sheer amount of visual aids at our disposal, just like with anything else, people always prefer to put a personal touch on everything they use to express themselves. With our nifty collection you can design your own emojis and either add them to your digital communication or personalize some other things in your arsenal.

It’s fun when things we’re only ever accustomed to seeing digitally jump off the screen and appear in the tangible world. You can use your emoji SVG to make some plush toys, cushion covers, pop them onto garments, tote bags, decorate your phone cover, purse or even make a keyring.

Have some crafting fun with an emoji SVG file

Emojis have become permanent members of our society, so they can be a helpful tool in engaging the younger generations in artistic endeavours and creating with their hands. Crafting with an emoji SVG file can be the gateway drug to get them away from their phones and garner interest in new and useful skills. After all, texting won’t mend their socks or flex their imaginative muscles.

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