Eyelash SVGs

Eyelashes are the frames to our eyes, and in a way, our personalities. Whether you’re a fan of dark mascara or prefer to go au naturale, eyelashes add that lovely layer of mystery to our most alluring facial features. Select an eyelash SVG to make some sultry and inviting designs.

Did you know that Elizabeth Taylor had a rare genetic mutation whereby she had a double layer of eyelashes. So not only was she insanely gorgeous, but she didn’t even need fake lashes to accentuate it. You can try to recapture some of that natural beauty in your next design with your own set of digital eyelashes.

Close your eyes and make a wish for a free eyelash SVG

A seductive glance really isn’t complete without the flutter of eyelashes to draw in that hypnotized gaze. Unleash your inner feminine mystique and get yourself a free eyelash SVG to enhance the look of your next project.

Everyone gets an overdose of roses and love hearts on Valentine’s day, but if you wanted to make a card that still said romance, but in a more unusual way, you can select a sultry pair of eyelashes eyes to give a coquettish wink, or pick one of our closed eye designs - like they’re waiting for a kiss.

Top tip: our collection includes some great bundles that have lots of different eyelash designs and styles. This is a very useful tool if you’re making some digital mockups of various looks or make-up art ideas, or additionally these SVGs can be used for character design, if you want to see what features might look best on your character or digital avatar.

Bat your eyelash SVG file

If you’re working on a range of cosmetic or make-up products, you’re in luck, since your eyelash SVG file comes with a dual license, so you’re welcome to use it for your business purposes. You can adjust the color scheme and dimensions of your SVG, or add some personalization, in your preferred design software and then let your printer or crafting machine take care of the rest.

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