Eyes SVGs

Sinatra really said it best. Those eyes, those sighs, they’re part of the tender trap. Love and lust start and end with the eyes, from that first glance to the final farewell. Capture that magic with an eyes SVG to captivate the viewer with your next digital art work.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so have a careful look through our collection to see which image captures your special attention. Eyes are our most arresting features, when someone looks at you, you can’t help but meet their gaze. So by adding eyes to your design, you’re practically guaranteeing that someone will take the time to look at your work.

Butterfly With The Three Eyes SVG

Watch out for the moon with a free eyes SVG!

With a free eyes SVG you can make some really cute crafts for your home or office. With the simple addition of little blinkers, you can make any object come to life. You can transfer an SVG onto a cushion, coffee cup, notebook or phone case. Might also help keep your personal items safe, if people always feel like they’re watching them.

The purpose of eyes in art and literature, besides the obvious of being a part of the human face, but the symbolic purpose is usually to represent God, judgement or some other omnipotent overseeing power. It can be a disarming feature, but a very effective one.

Top tip: if you’re a fan of anime and manga and want to create your own artwork or learn how to draw in that style, the most important element is the distinctive style of the over-sized, striking eyes. Our collection actually includes bundles of anime-type eyes, which you can include in your design or use as a learning tool to practice drawing them yourself.

Catch someone’s eyes SVG file

Your eyes SVG file is a limpid pool of desire, just waiting to be unleashed upon your crafting tools and materials. Our versatile downloads are ideal for editing in a variety of design software packages and are compatible with all the major crafting machines out there. All that’s left is for you to decide whose eye you’d like to catch with your striking crafts.

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