Face Mask SVGs

With everyone becoming a lot more health conscious, face masks have become a pretty common occurrence. Why not craft some to suit your own unique style with a face mask SVG.

Most human communication is non-verbal, so just because half our faces are covered up, doesn’t mean we should lose the ability to convey our personalities. A customized face mask is the perfect way to hint at your inner self, without having to compromise on the germ factor.

You can go for something elegant, simple, or even a hilarious novelty one! Take a look through our collection and see which mask really says “you”.

Express yourself with a free face mask SVG

As we all know, life is about balance and with the sweet, comes the sour. With masks becoming a popular hygiene tool, they’ve also become an environmental hazard. Disposable masks are a quick and easy option, but unfortunately they’re being carelessly discarded after use. Help make some positive changes with a free face mask SVG from our awesome collection.

It’s always fun to personalize your belongings and wear something that stands out from the crowd. Find yourself a cool SVG and craft your own face masks - you can even use old clothes or scraps of fabric you have around the house. Then you can be creative, whilst not being wasteful. Just remember masks are more effective with multiple layers, so try to make them 2 or 3 ply.

Masks are kind of like underwear, you should wear a fresh one every day. Why not make a set for every day of the week, with a couple of more snazzy options for special occasions. Your masks will be original and pretty, plus by making washable ones, you’re promoting eco friendliness!

A face mask SVG file will keep you safe

Since they’ve become a staple accessory, why not try your hand at producing them in bulk. Pick out your favorite face mask SVG file, or a selection, and take advantage of our dual license, which allows you to use your graphics for commercial purposes. If you make any other products, you could even do a cross promotion and either make masks to match or offer a free one with a certain number of purchases.

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