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If you ask most people what the most important thing in the world is to them, they will say Family. Here at Design Bundles, we believe that family makes the world go round, so we made sure we had the best selection of Family vectors for you to inspired your next project! We have thousands of designs to choose from so you're sure to find some inspiration below!

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Free Family Vectors come first

Do you want to use your free family vector for a fun multi-layers vinyl design but have problems getting the layers to line up once cut? There’s actually a really simple hack to fix that issue, you need to add in something called registration marks. To do this, make a small square and duplicate it into each color layer you are using. Line them all up using the centre option on the align function, make sure to have them all selected and add them into the top left-hand corner of my project.

Duplicate that stack of squares and add it to the right-hand top corner. The final step is to select the colored squares in the layers panel and weld them with your other pieces of the same color. When the vinyl cuts out all you need to do is line up that square on each layer and everything will be perfectly spaced. Use this hack to create a wall display that really puts family at the centre of your home!

Family Vector files are a blessing in disguise

You can use your family file for any number of fun crafting ideas. All the design specs are included in the product descriptions, so you can choose a file that works best for you and your preferred design editing software, and with a dual license you can use your design for both personal and commercial use.

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