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It might be 4th of July, it might be New Year’s Eve or it might just be your own special occasion, but fireworks never fail to make a celebration especially festive and beautiful. Get yourself a fireworks SVG to make some crafts to go with your explosive end to a lovely evening.

Fireworks are said to date back to ancient China, when bamboo stalks were thrown into fire and the air inside them would explode from the heat (do NOT try this at home!). In England, the first use of fireworks was in the 15th century at Henry VII’s wedding.

Use your fireworks SVG to bring them into the modern age, by putting your own digital spin on this time old form of celebration.

Freedom And Fireworks SVG File
Fireworks SVG | New Year SVG

Create a bang with a free fireworks SVG

Get yourself a free fireworks SVG and celebrate in style. Enjoy the additional advantage of a digital show - if you have a dog, they won’t have to suffer and get scared by all the noise and flashing lights! Real fireworks aren’t easy on the pooches, but clipart ones can be enjoyed by everyone. Plus, you won’t risk losing any fingers and you won’t irritate your neighbors. Whether or not that last one is a positive is your call...

A really great project you could make with your fireworks SVG is to turn it into an educational tool, as well as for merriment. If your little ones are old enough to start learning about American history and the declaration of independence, you can add some cool info to your SVG. One of the first ever occasions fireworks were used in the USA was in 1777, at the celebration of the first ever Independence Day, held in Philadelphia. You could incorporate the Philadelphia state colors to your design and maybe even make some Philly Cheesesteaks for an extra delicious touch.

Celebrate all night with your fireworks SVG file

Fireworks, despite making a big bang, are visually actually quite dainty. The individual strands that make up the design are quite intricate. So once you’ve selected a fireworks SVG file, while you could print it with a regular printer and cut by hand, to ensure the best and neatest finish, we definitely recommend using a crafting machine. If you don’t yet have one, models like Cricut, Sizzix and Silhouette are among the most popular choices.

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