Fishing Clipart


Have you been trawling for some fishing designs or clipart? Let us help you reel in the big one with our fantastic clipart collection, perfect for professional anglers and novices alike. You can use our clipart or fishing designs to commemorate an extraordinary catch or create fishing-inspired decor for your home or boat. Our collection contains a wide variety of designs which would be perfect for creating a range of flashy fishy memorabilia.

Similarly, crafting is a relaxing activity, but one where you must focus to achieve your goal. Our clipart can help you bring your A-game when crafting with your new designs or clipart, and we know you’ll be hooked soon enough!

Fishing Pole Clipart

What would a day spent fishing be without a pole? Reel in the big guns with some fishing pole designs. Pair up a pole design with some other clipart like bobbins, lures, or fish themselves and create a full-themed design. Then you can use your new custom graphic for something fun like a t-shirt or even a decal for your boat.

Top tip: Pick some clipart or illustrations and personalize them with your favorite fishing trips or locations to create an album. Then you can look back on your favorite memories when the fishing season is over. Or try using your clipart as a template to stitch a patch that you can dew onto your vest or jacket. You’ll look like the catch of the day!

Fishing Hook Clipart

Fall hook, line, and sinker for our fishing designs! We know you’ll be hooked on crafting when you can pick from so many clipart designs. Plus, with our dual license for personal and commercial use, the ways you can craft are endless. Get your customers hooked with some splashy designs, and then get down to business. Or try some fun puns, and make some funny card designs perfect for Valentine's Day!

The excitement of a day spent fishing is one that many enjoy. Get out there, have some fun and then come home and relax with a good crafting session with your new clipart!

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