Fox SVGs

Swift, cunning, agile, sexy redhead. You may be none of these things, but if you’re here then you’re definitely crafty and with a fox SVG, you can convince people you’re all the other stuff too!

With the help of a fox SVG, you can start some really cool projects, including stylish and rustic home furnishings. You can put your fox image onto cushion covers, kitchenware, garments and accessories. If feeling really ambitious you could print a fox pattern onto some fabric and upcycle some old furniture! Waste not!

Whatever you choose to craft, be it quick and simple or ornate and complicated - just have some fun with it, for fox sake!

Fox svg Woodland fox silhouette
Flowers on Head Pretty Fox Svg File
Funny Christmas SVG | Fox SVG

Unleash your foxy side with a free fox SVG

They can be cute, they can be cheeky, they can be fierce and they can be flirty. You can have a lot of sweet, or salacious, fun with a free fox SVG. Just pick the right style to communicate the tone you want to convey

Going down the sweet road, we have some absolutely adorable cartoons and baby fox illustrations that would go great as a decoration for a nursery or to transfer onto some onesies or baby blankets to give as a baby shower, 1st birthday or Christening gift.

Our vector files have some really pretty fox silhouettes, that can not only make for a beautiful design, but are actually a great educational tool, if you or someone you know is studying art - the vectors capture some great poses, so you could use them to do some sketching, capturing foxes in motion. And since foxes are from the canine family, you can apply the poses and proportions to dogs, wolves and jackals.

Hunt for the perfect fox SVG file

Enjoy the beauty of a fox coat, with none of the cruelty, by adding a fox SVG file to your permanent collection. You can create some stunning designs with the fox as the subject, or maybe as a side element, to give your image a touch of wilderness and going back to nature. With so many options, get cozy in your fox hole and craft until you’re ready to moult.

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