Fruit Clipart

They do say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Whether or not that’s actually, there’s no denying that fruit is very good for you. And many fruits are exceptionally delicious, so mix your own crafty salad with a selection of fruit clipart.

Even if you’re not a fan of fruit, you must love them regardless, for they gave us wine, gin and cocktails, plus eye catching garnishes. Without fruit we’d have no juice or jam, and that alone deserves some appreciation, so pick a punnet of gorgeous graphics and design your very own cornucopia of creative treats.

Mmm our free fruit clipart is very juicy!

Our collection includes lots of different styles, from cute and quirky to minimalist chic to traditional watercolors. So no matter what look you want to go for, you’re bound to find a design that suits you, plus with our free fruit clipart and amazing discounts, you can upgrade your digital portfolio with some delectable additions.

Snow White may have had a bad experience, but getting a cheeky bite on occasion is definitely to be encouraged. With your succulent clipart you can make digital wallpapers, jazz up your webpage, make some fun t-shirts, customize your personal items and design some eye-catching accessories.

You’re probably past your lemonade stand days, but one great thing you could do with your fruit clipart is make some informative posters and banners for your kids school or local after school activities. Better awareness of the importance of a good diet for our children has been on the rise, but kids will be kids and the most important people to convince are them! Make some fun designs to encourage them to snack on fruit and veg over sweets and fizzy drinks - put down the candy and pick up an apple!

Get your vitamin C from our fruit clipart file

When life gives you lemons, make awesome crafts. With your fruit clipart file you can design a whole range of amazing arts & crafts, which you can use across your social media platforms, online presence, your product range, boost your business and promote your brand. Our dual licence lets you use your chosen clipart for commercial projects and with these fantastic discounts - orange you glad you came here!

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