Galaxy Vector

Do you look up at the night sky and search for something spectacular? You’re going to have as much fun browsing our collection as you are peering at the stars through your telescope! Your chosen Galaxy Vector can help you DIY some one-of-a-kind pieces that will definitely make your next creative idea stand out. You can use your download with a regular printer, crafting machine or even a simple precision knife, as well as edit your designs in a variety of graphic software.

This page showcases our Galaxy Vector range; here you will find spiral galaxy designs in full color or black and white, lovely line drawings, warp star zooooom graphics, abstract book covers, bundles of stars, sparkles and moons alongside Galaxy Vector icons, art and even phone cover designs! So pull on your space suit and moonwalk right into our collection.

Galaxy Robot Vector Illustration
Galaxy Traveler Vector Illustration

Be light-years ahead with a Free Galaxy Vector

Are you struggling to keep the kids engaged when doing worksheets in class? Are you trying to make homework more fun? Success is written in the stars! Look no further, our free Galaxy Vector designs are the perfect way to add some sparkle your printables. Using our stars, moons and planets you can even create coordinating stickers to match the worksheets. Bonus! It’s easy to add a fun design to your worksheet, simply upload it to a design program (as such as Canva) as a PDF file, upload the free galaxy vector files to Canva and drag and drop them in. Once you are happy with your graphic placements just click the download button in the top right corner and select to save it as a PDF print.

Now, how about those coordinating stickers? Upload the vector files into Cricut design space as ‘Print then cut’ files and arrange the designs on your canvas before sending to print onto sticker paper. Load the printed sheet into your Cricut or die cutting machine and it will follow the guide marks to cut them out perfectly for you!

Options for your Galaxy Vector File are as limitless a space!

In just a few clicks, your Galaxy Vector file will be ready for editing and printing. Why not take advantage of the many different styles on offer to try your hand at different crafting techniques and planet to something you haven’t done before like sublimation, laser cutting or even 3d printing!

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