Gold Christmas Ornament Clipart


Christmas time is all about beautiful, lavish decorations, but if you’re bored of the same old baubles going up on your tree, then this year, why not craft your own with some gold Christmas ornament clipart.

If there’s ever a time for glitter, sparkles and shininess, it’s Christmas! And you can’t really think about shine without thinking of the thing that started it all - gold. There’s a reason our ancestors were obsessed with finding it - it’s the ultimate symbol of luxury. It’s entirely up to you if your gold ornaments will be tacky or tasteful - that’s the beauty of this holiday - but whichever style you go for, you’ll be sure to have lots of fun crafting your creation nonetheless.

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Light up the night with free gold Christmas ornament clipart

Gold definitely says luxury and celebration, so why not convey that feeling at your next party or event with some amazing free gold Christmas ornament clipart to make your venue really shine.

Gold definitely works best with a warm color scheme, so it compliments the traditional Christmas colors of green and red perfectly. But you could also go for a more regal feel and couple your gold ornament with deep navy or purple colors, to really give the feel of velvety decadence.

You can create your own baubles, garlands, pennants, tree ornaments and wreaths, or you could keep things digital to save on paper and design some festive backgrounds, ecards or layouts for your webpage. Whatever you choose to do, a dazzling ornament will definitely help your arts and crafts stand out this holiday season.

Of course, gold ornaments aren’t just for Christmas, so be sure to check out some of our animal and floral designs, as well as general glitz, which would be perfect for a birthday or anniversary celebration.

Style up your party with a gold Christmas ornament clipart file

Baubles don’t have to be limited to hanging off a tree, they can also make elegant party venue decorations - on a bowl or hanging down in a cascade. Whether you’re feeling brave enough to transfer your gold Christmas ornament clipart file onto an actual bauble, or you’ll be making some 2D crafts, you can still achieve that stylish look with the help of your insta-ready graphic.

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