Gold Vector

Are you a graphic designer, maker, artist, crafter or Etsy shop owner, looking to add some sparkle to your repertoire or next creative project? This collection is filled to the brim with graphic designs ready to go, so whether you work in paper, paint, fabric, sublimation, vinyl or with digital software we have you covered.

Use your imagination to make handcrafted linens, jewelry, purses and glassware, add a monogram to a mug, a phone cover or a customized pair of sneakers. Combine your gold vector with HTV or sublimation to transfer onto fabric, print and cut to create custom stationery or use erasable fabric pens to draw your own embroidery designs.

What's mine is yours, free Gold Vectors, designs for everyone!

Why not try adding a free gold vector on to a coaster using sublimation? You can use whatever software you like to create your sublimation design as long as it gives you the option to 'mirror' the image when you go to print, if we don’t do this we will end up with the image and any text you add being back to front as you lay the sublimation paper face down on to your product to transfer it. Size your design to how you want it to fit on your product and turn your heat press on whilst it's printing out so that it can warm up.

When sublimating onto anything it can be a good idea to heat the product up slightly beforehand, this is just because it helps to get rid of any moisture the product may be holding (especially if it's a fabric or a porous material like slate) and it’s also handy to have the product be slightly warm before applying the sublimation paper. Once your sublimation design has printed and the ink is completely dry you want to position it on your product and hold it in place with heat resistant tape. Follow the pressing instructions that came with the sublimation paper and then carefully remove your paper from the product, be careful it’ll be hot but it’s recommended to remove sublimation paper from a design as soon as it’s done, you could always use a set of tongs or tweezers to protect your fingers. Wait for it to cool down and then you’re ready to show off your new personalized product!

We have Midas’s touch with these artistic Gold Vector files

Your easy to download, multi-format gold vector file comes with our downloads’ dual license and craft something cool for your business, as well as just your personal projects. You can use them to bling up your own crafting projects including card making, scrapbooking, printables, paper crafts, stationery, DIY, printables, social media posts and so much more.

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