Graduation SVGs


As far as life’s milestones go, graduating highschool and college are definitely up there amongst the most significant. Get yourself a fun graduation SVG to mark this special rite of passage.

School is over. The nightmare is finally finally over. No more teachers, no more homework, no more mean girls or forced PE. Now you get to go out into the real world and learn all new exciting ways in which life sucks. Yay!

If you’re the student or your child is, you can make some really great creative projects in honor of the occasion, celebrating not only the graduate but also all the friends and family that helped them get there.

Throw your cap high with a free graduation SVG

Make sure to throw a party the occasion deserves and a free graduation SVG is just the thing you need to make it awesome. With our selection of SVGs you can make ideal decorations for your party venue, as well as some great keepsakes for the grads to take away as a memento of this amazing day. Plus, something to help them remember, lest they celebrate a little too hard. Maybe use an SVG to make a “Return to Sender” note they can pin to themselves, so that someone can safely return them home. Adulting may have to wait...

Graduation is the culmination of many years of hard work and pressure, but it’s also the build up of immense excitement, as the anticipation reaches a pinnacle and you cross that threshold into adult life. It can make one quite nervous at the prospect of having to function without supervision, so why not give your graduates a little encouragement with a hand crafted card or t-shirt, that they can take with them and feel comforted by whenever they feel the pangs of homesickness.

Prep you gown and get a graduation SVG file

One minute they’re just mastering the word ‘mama’, the next they’re practicing their valedictorian speech. Graduation is an amazing and an emotional milestone - it’s tough to accept that your babies are all grown up, but with a graduation SVG file you can at least be sure to give them a wonderful send off.

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