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Are you a graphic designer, maker, artist, crafter or Etsy shop owner, looking to add something a bit different to your portfolio? This collection is filled to the brim with graphic designs ready to go, so whether you work in paper, paint, fabric, sublimation, vinyl or with digital software we have you covered.

Are you looking for graphics, icons, backgrounds, photos or templates? We have you covered. Browse our straightforward digital marketplace where crafters, hobbyists and business owners just like you can find digital design assets for ANY project just like these graduation vectors!

Whether the holidays bring out the crafter in you or you are a full time crafter, graduation is a big deal so whether you’re graduating High School or University we know you’ll want to mark the occasion with something special. You can always whip out your cutting machine and try out some of our fun ideas. Below are some graduation vectors you can purchase from our website.

Yes! We did it! With a free Graduation Vector.

If you want to show the graduate in your life you care, why not create a custom t-shirt with a free graduation vector using sublimation? You can make them for the whole family! You can use your favorite software to create your sublimation design as long as it gives you the option to 'mirror' your image when you go to print (otherwise we'll end up with back to front text and images). Scale the design to fit on your t-shirt and warm up your heat press whilst it's printing out.

When sublimating onto fabric it is advisable to press the fabric a few times before adding the design. This helps to get any wrinkles or creases out of the fabric but it also helps to remove any moisture that might be in it too. One you are happy that your fabric is ready to press on to, lay your sublimation sheet face down and add something like a Teflon sheet on top to act as a barrier (you don't want any dye run off on your heat press) Press the design according to the sublimation paper instructions and give it a second or two to cool down before you peel it off.

Walk the stage with Graduation Vector File

Our graduation vector file selection comes licensed for both personal and commercial use, so you’re free to play around at home or design a whole theme for your business or product range. Our files are suitable for use with a wide range of crafting software, machines and materials so there's no excuse not to get stuck in.

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