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Where would we be without opposable thumbs! Our hands are our number one tools and complete so many complex functions on a daily basis that we don’t even notice. They’re also one of the toughest parts of the human anatomy to draw, so give yourself a hand SVG to spare yourself the pain and get knuckle-cracking on your design.

A human hand has 27 bones, with 8 of those in the wrist alone. Typing, drawing and DIY can all take a toll on our hands and forearms, so while you’re crafting, be sure to take care of yourselves and get a proper wrist support or brace, take regular breaks and do some basic flexing and stretching to keep those bad boys nimble and pain-free.

Bloody Hand SVG File
Witch Gothic Hand SVG
Floral Boho Hand SVG - Home Decor SVG
Sun sand and a drink in my hand svg
Stop Asian hate with hand svg

Do you have a free hand SVG?

Have a browse through our collection and select a free hand SVG to have a play around with for your next idea.

Not surprisingly, often when one thinks of a hand, we see the iconic image of a dilapidated manus forcing its way through the earth at a graveyard. Or, put simply, the zombie hand. And we have plenty of those to choose from if you’re planning on decorating your home or venue for a spooky Hallowe’en party or movie fright night.

Top tip: one of the coolest things about our hands is that they make sign language possible. If you’re learning, or teaching, sign language, we have some great graphics available, showing the positions of some basic elements, including letters and numbers. You can use your hand SVG as a useful learning tool or use the images to create a card of piece of art as a gift to anyone you know who’s hard of hearing.

An image that has become particularly popular with the rise of Eastern religions in the west is the Buddha palm, which can be a beautiful piece of art to hang up, a poster, or you could even laser cut a charm or set of earrings.

Hive five from your hand SVG file

You’re just a few clicks away from adding a hand SVG file to your digital portfolio. Our downloads come in a variety of file formats, so tweaking them to suit your design and available materials is a piece of cake. All the SVGs are ideally suited to working with a crafting machine, but if you don’t have one yet, a precision knife or even sharp pair of scissors will do - if you have curved manicure scissors, they can work great on the more fiddly, intricate images!

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