Happy Camper SVGs

Camping is the ultimate in traditional pastimes. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place with a lot of nature and beautiful scenery, camping is probably the best way to really appreciate it. You can recreate that feeling with a happy camper SVG and make some crafts and designs to celebrate this noble form of recreation.

Even if you’re somewhat of an “indoor” person, going camping is almost like a rite of passage. Like eating snails or trying a cigarette, to have any kind of real life experience, you’ve got to try it at least once. Even if it’s just to confirm you hate it, at least you won’t spend the rest of your life wondering...


Ready the fishing tackle and a free happy camper SVG

With a free happy camper SVG you could make a ton of fun crafts, all showing off how much you love this glorious outdoor activity.

Camping is all about having an adventure - about letting go of our modern conveniences and technological comforts and embracing the beauty and simplicity of getting back to nature. When was the last time we just sat outside, in peaceful silence, and listened to the wild sounds around us? It’s time to slow it down, let go of the urban lifestyle and take a deep breath of fresh, wilderness air.

If, on your trips, you slumber in a camper van or RV, as opposed to a tent, why not decorate it a bit - after all, it’s your home away from home, it deserves a little style as well. You can print an SVG and hang it up in a rustic frame, or make a poster lest the journey get too bumpy for frames. You could also make a sweet matching set of hoodies for your whole family or crew that’ll keep you snuggly as you sing songs or share ghost stories around the fire.

Pack your bags and get your happy camper SVG file on the road

Once you’ve picked out your favorite happy camper SVG file and come up with a crafting idea, it’s time to prep your download and materials, then get cutting. With our versatile file formats, you can use a variety of software packages to edit your SVG, and they’re compatible with practically all the crafting machines on the market.

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