Heifer SVGs

God bless our farmers, be it veggies, dairy or livestock, these guys work exceptionally hard to make sure our stores are stocked and every dietary requirement is catered for, with quality produce. A cow is one of the quintessential symbols of farming, so you can show your love for these heroes with a heifer SVG.

For those that don’t know, a heifer, pronounced heffer, is a young cow that has not yet had her first baby. While there are some horrid, negative connotations with this word in the slang world, we reject those descriptors and choose to focus on the coolness and cuteness of these floofy cattle.

Not Today Heifer SVG

Milk your free heifer SVG

If your look is in need of some re-hoove-ination, a free heifer SVG may be just the thing. Famer’s life is simple and rewarding, and we should show our appreciation with some gorgeous graphics celebrating the pastoral lifestyle.

You can DIY lots of cool things with a heifer SVG, including t-shirts and hoodies, tote bags, paper crafts or some comfy pyjamas for when it’s paster bedtime. We have some intricate designs, which would make great wall art, or simpler sleeker graphics that would work well as a monogram or logo. The heifer SVGs also have some very cute child friendly cartoons, which you can transfer onto a onesie or, given what a heifer is, it could even be a rather on the nose baby shower present or expecting announcement.

Our collection doesn’t just feature heifers, but all her farmyard friends, so if you wanted to do a whole farming theme, check out our bundles that include graphics of lots of different animals, along with fun text and embellishments.

Oh the heifer SVG file in the meadow goes “moo”

Our downloads are so easy to use, why not try your hand at as many different crafting techniques as possible, including paper crafts, die cutting, 3D printing, embossing, vinyl decals, sublimation, even quilling! Your heifer SVG file comes in multiple file formats and a dual license so you have total flexibility to design for whatever purpose you have in mind.

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