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Holly is an understated element of Christmas decorations - after all, people tend to think of the tree, the wreath, mistletoe. But a holly bush’s unique appearance always makes it a stylish addition to any holiday decor. Pick a holly SVG that you particularly like and see which parts of your Christmas decorations you could enhance with that final red and green flourish.

The whole deck the halls with boughs of holly thing actually goes back a long way. Romans celebrated the Saturnalia Festival and holly was considered the sacred plant of Saturn. In many ways, this was the precursor to Christmas, since the point of the festival was family, feasting, goodwill to all and exchange of gifts. But Saturnalia was a pagan festival, while the significance of holly in Christianity is its representation of Christ’s crown of thorns, with the bright red berries representing his blood.

Good golly, is that a free holly SVG?

A sprig of holly is just the thing to take every Christmas decoration to that next level. Treat yourself to a free holly SVG and start adorning everything you see with this jolly evergreen.

Thanks to digital creativity, you can recreate the same design in bulk without losing consistency of appearance. Print and cut a whole bunch of holly sprigs and affix them around your house or party venue with either double sided tape or even little velcro patches. Remember not to be wasteful - if you have any old materials lying around that could be reused, try printing your holly from those - even old newspapers or magazines can look effective, once they’re cut into that distinctive shape!

Top tip: to give your holly a bit more texture and breathe some more life into your designs, why not glue little red beads onto all your SVGs, so the berries look real. Just keep them out of reach of pets and little children!

No need to mind the spikes with a holly SVG file

Decorating with real holly always looks beautiful, but without thick gloves, one wrong move and you’ll be screaming in pain - those pointy leaves are mighty sharp! Thankfully, with a holly SVG file, you get all the beauty with none of the health hazards. You can print your favorite designs on a standard printer or use your trusty Cricut to print and cut the SVGs, ready to hang up or transfer.

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