Horse Clipart

Not sure what your next project should be? Why, you must get some horse clipart, of course! Take a canter through our beautiful equestrian collection and pick a mare or stallion to ride your next craft to victory.

Horses are extraordinary creatures, with exceptionally beautiful silhouettes, so they can make for a very elegant design feature. Our collection also includes some very adorable graphics, cartoons and illustration, perfect for the little ones, and of course not forgetting the cowboy theme. You’ll be going yee-haw for our country and westerned style bundles! So whether you’re scrapbooking or grabbing social media by the reins, with some horse clipart you’ll be sure to make some fun and memorable designs.

Folk horse clipart
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Gallop ahead of the competition with some free horse clipart

Have a browse of our free horse clipart, as well as the awesome discounts on other horse graphics and bundles. With a whole digital stable of different styles, you’re sure to find an image that will work great with your next idea.

Horses are called noble beasts for a reason. They’re powerful, intelligent, hard working and loyal. For centuries they’ve been trusted companions and an essential help to mankind and while this bond is sure to continue for generations to come, there’s also a special kind of beauty in seeing wild horses, running untamed. Whatever feelings the horse stirs in you, you can communicate their majesty and emotionality through some cool and original works of art.

From home furnishings, paper crafts and personalizing your accessories, with the help of the right equipment, there’s no limit to what you could create with your clipart images. And you can even make your crafts by recycling things around the house - unused wrapping paper, old fabric, endless delivery boxes - turn them all into beautiful equine art!

Your horse clipart file will be a prize filly

Did someone tell you that crafting is complicated and expensive? Unto thee, we say neigh! Between our range of free graphics and amazing discounts, pick out your favorite horse clipart file and you won’t need any fancy equipment to craft with it. A standard printer, glue and a humble pair of scissors is more than enough to get started!

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