Hot Chocolate Clipart


Was there ever a more comforting or satisfying drink than hot chocolate? Whoever looked at a slab of chocolate and thought “I need to drink that” was an absolute genius. All hail the greatest invention of all time (sorry, penicillin) with our hot chocolate clipart.

Some things in life are just worth the cavities, and hot chocolate is one thing we’re definitely willing to make that sacrifice for. It’s warm and smooth and rich and creamy - what more could you possibly want?! Well, maybe a slice of cake or a cookie to go with it.

Get going on some mouth watering designs with your hot, steamy hot chocolate clipart!

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With your free hot chocolate clipart, all that’s missing is the whipped cream

Wouldn’t it be great if everything in your life was delicious? Well, with some free hot chocolate clipart, now it can be.

You can chocify just about anything you want, but certainly the first thing should be your mug or portable coffee cup. These are the containers of that sacred goo and deserve a delectable makeover. You can use your clipart to make stickers and decals to decorate these items, or transfer the images directly onto the cups themselves, so your design lasts longer.

You can also make some super sweet hoodies and sweatshirts, featuring a lovely cup of your favorite hot beverage. Since hot chocolate tends to be best enjoyed when it’s cold, you could play around with Christmassy and autumnal color schemes to bring out the best in both the clipart and the garment.

And speaking of Christmas, we have many holiday themed bundles, so you can customize your personal items to whip them out especially for Yuletide fun times!

Don’t forget the marshmallows for you hot chocolate clipart file

Get your fill of sweetness with your scrumptious hot chocolate clipart file. Now that you’ve adorned just about everything you own with this amazing beverage, why not share the love with your friends and followers? Thanks to our dual licence, you can craft with your cliparts for both personal and business purposes, so awaken everyone else’s cravings with some gorgeously tempting crafting ideas.

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