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Though the humble hummingbird may be but little, it is fierce! You can make some light as a feather arts and crafts inspired by these mini beauties and downloading some charming hummingbird clipart is the perfect place to start.

The wee hummingbird is a truly unique species. Their wings move in a figure of eight, giving them mobility unlike any other birds in the world. Besides their ability to hover like a bee, they’re the only birds that can fly backwards. And speaking of bees, the bee hummingbird is the teensiest bird in the world, measuring just over 2 inches when fully grown!

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Ready some nectar for your free hummingbird clipart

We want to talk birdy to you. We’ve put together some gorgeous free hummingbird clipart just for you, plus some super duper discounts on many of our graphics and bundles.

Why do hummingbirds hum? Because they don’t know the words! Oh, we are hilarious! Did you know that a flock of hummingbirds is called a bouquet? It’s easy to believe it once you see just how many stunning, colorful graphics we have in our collection, especially the selection of vintage illustrations, which showcases the wide variety of their beautiful plumage. We also have some simple linear designs, which you could print and color in yourself - creating your own unique feather pattern.

You could transfer your favorite hummingbird onto a t-shirt or tote bag, or make some pretty decals to decorate your personal accessories. We also have some really cute cliparts that would be perfect for a kids design or even more simplistic, professional images, which would work great as a logo.

A hummingbird clipart file will flutter into your portfolio

Since they are naturally so small, you could easily use your hummingbird clipart file again and again as a subtle element or border decoration on any number of compositions and design ideas. Just play around with the proportions or color scheme of your chosen graphic in Photoshop, or similar software, and repurpose your sweet little bird for lots of different arts projects.

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