Jellyfish Clipart

Watch out for the tentacles or you’ll get stung by the urge to craft! Oh, too late. Download some stunning jellyfish clipart and get sucked into the world of arts & crafts with these exceptionally beautiful underwater creatures.

Did you know that a group of jellyfish is called a smack? A little unrefined for such graceful creatures, but people will certainly be gob-smacked when they see your jellyfish inspired designs! Jellyfish are so unusual and strangely ethereal - they’re very striking, while at the same time being really peaceful to watch as they silently float through the water. You could create some really original and pretty designs with the help of these aquatic wonders.

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Cute Jellyfish Illustrations

No need for pee with our free jellyfish clipart

A couple of interesting facts about our gelatinous friends is that they don’t have brains and some species are immortal! Just goes to show, it’s better to be lucky than smart. Check out some of our free jellyfish clipart and see which designs float your boat.

Jellyfish come in a variety of gorgeous colors, some are even fluorescent. Why don’t you come up with your own color schemes by editing one of our black and white images or print your design on metallic paper to recreate their natural shimmer - you could even add some phosphorescent paint or tape to add some glow-in-the-dark embellishments. It would make for a very cool effect for party decor or for your kids bedroom.

Our collection features some irresistibly cute, as well as beautifully realistic illustration bundles with all manner of sea creatures, so you could make a whole underwater layout that would be perfect for a classroom display, adorn school supplies with decals or create cool compositions for your webpage, social media or product range.

Everyone will be ‘well jeal’ of your jellyfish clipart file

You can overlay your jellyfish clipart file with some other graphics from our range of clipart collections, like floral elements, ornamental patterns or nautical graphics, to create a beautiful composition or maybe even try out different tattoo ideas? You can print your designs on temporary tattoo paper and try it out before committing to the real thing.

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