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With our amazing Juneteenth SVG collection, you can commemorate one of the most important dates in US history with some beautiful graphics.

19th June 1865 marks the freedom from slavery in Texas, following Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. Since that historic day, every summer the event is commemorated across the US, and the portmanteau of “June” and “Nineteenth” is also known as Freedom Day, Liberation Day and Jubilee Day.

Our collection features a wide variety of striking SVGs that bring the proper reverence, as well as artistic style, to this incredible celebration. Have a browse through these images and see which one inspires you to make a craft worthy of the day.

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We proclaim our free Juneteenth SVG!

Granger’s announcement is definitely a day that should be honored with arts and crafts and you can do just that with the help of a free Juneteenth SVG!

If ever there was an occasion to customize your own t-shirt, this would be it. Our bold and gorgeous graphics are ideal for making an eye-catching, high quality garment. You could do standard iron on heat transfers or try your hand at sublimation, for a more durable and professional finish.

Depending on the look you’re going for, you could choose one of our more artistic images to create an amazing layout on your t-shirt or hoodie. Alternatively, you could select one of our typography files and emblazon a powerful statement that you can wear with pride on the day. Obviously, you can combine the best of both worlds as well! A crafting machine would produce the neatest results, especially if you select a finer, more calligraphic font. However, you can still achieve a beautiful look if you carefully cut out your chosen design with a sharp pair of scissors or precision knife - though we’d recommend sticking to thicker, blockier designs, to make this task easier for you.

Save the date for your juneteenth SVG file

Our downloads come with a dual license, so they’re suitable for commercial use, as well as personal. With that in mind, you can craft in bulk and make some promotional materials and online content for your business as well as use your juneteenth SVG file to create some lovely gifts to share with friends and family on this very special day.

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