Key Clipart


Creative types like you hold the key to our hearts! And so, in return, we offer you this plethora of clipart designs for your crafting projects. There are keys for everything, car keys, homes, the key to success, and of course, to the heart. A simple tool but with so much meaning.

Besides their obvious utility, keys are actually very beautiful, especially vintage and antique ones. Our collection celebrates these intricate, old-fashioned designs, which can make for unique and striking design elements.

Take a gander through our gorgeous graphics and see which key opens the door to new ideas.

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Lock and Key Clipart

Unlock your potential with some key-themed clipart designs! Take a look through our portfolio and become a digital locksmith of stylish designs, with the key as a decorative element or the centerpiece of your next project.

In literature and poetry, keys are often referred to metaphorically as the gatekeepers to our hearts and emotions. This is a very apt comparison and makes for a much more original idea regarding endearment and heartfelt valentines. You can craft your own romantic cards and gifts, and if feeling very ambitious, you could even use your clipart as a template to make a key ring, which would make for doubly appropriate use of the graphic.

Skeleton Key Clipart

Old fashioned but oh so romantic, these key designs featuring skeleton keys are perfect for Christmas designs. If you want to put together a design for a Santa’s key wood sign, then you’ll love the clipart you’ll find. Plus, this style of a key is popular with steampunk design too. Get some real bang for your buck with double-duty graphics like that.

Speaking of double duty, did you know that all our design resources come with a dual license for both personal and commercial use? Creatives can take advantage of this and create something spectacular for themselves or their handmade business!

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