Key Clipart

Whether you’re a packrat or keep things to an absolute minimum, each and every one of us owns at least one key. Such little things, but they keep our homes and possession safe. So in a way, they’re symbolic of protection. Pick out your very own key clipart and start working on some cool crafts and designs.

Besides their obvious utility, keys are actually very beautiful, especially vintage and antique ones. Our collection celebrates these intricate, old fashioned designs, which can make for unique and striking design elements.

Take a gander through our gorgeous graphics and see which key opens the door to new ideas.

Doodle Key Vector Clipart

Unlock your potential with some free key clipart

We’re offering some stunning free key clipart, as well as fantastic discounts on many of our bundles. Take a look through our portfolio and become a digital locksmith of stylish designs, with the key as a decorative element or the centrepiece of your next project.

In literature and poetry, keys are often referred to metaphorically as the gatekeepers to our hearts and emotions. This is a very apt comparison and makes for a much more original idea when it comes to terms of endearment and heartfelt valentines. You can craft your own romantic cards and gifts and if feeling very ambitious, you could even use your clipart as a template to make a keyring, which would make for a doubly fitting use of the graphic.

Keys aren’t just for locks, but also for music. Our collection also includes some lovely images of the treble and bass clefs, music notes and accidentals. You can combine and overlay these cliparts to create a beautiful composition - both musical and artistic.

Your key clipart file will keep you safe and sound

You can achieve some really stylized designs with your key clipart file. If you download a PNG file, it will allow for a transparent background and you’ll be able to create cooler effects - you can print your clipart on clear film and even overlay multiple designs. You could also print your design on reflective or metallic paper, to give the illusion of genuine material.

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