Ladybug Clipart


Give someone a talisman of good fortune as a gift, with the help of some adorable clipart, to create an original and thoughtful design.

In many cultures, ladybugs symbolize luck - if they sit on you, you should count the number of dots on their wings. Of all the bugs out there, this particular one seems to be the most likable for many. Plus, their cute round shape and sweet antennae make them a bit whimsical.

Craft up something delightful with your clipart designs, be it for yourself, your family, or your handmade business. With our dual license, creatives have that freedom!

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Love Bug Clipart

Your luck has already begun as we have a lot of clipart designs to choose from, along with terrific discounts on many graphics and bundles. Select your favorite and get crafting! A love bug clipart design is great for the little ones, making t-shirt or baby bodysuits. They work just as nicely for party decor as they do for apparel.

Pick out a few adorable graphics or even a bundle of various clipart designs, and you can put together an entire theme for a party. Whether that’s a Spring soirée or a child’s birthday party, you can let your imagination soar!

Cute Ladybug Clipart

There’s no end of cute clipart options for creatives here! From Valentine-themed designs to stunning spring graphics, there’s a wide variety for creatives and crafters. Cute clipart with ladybugs would be perfect for making t-shirts or other apparel like rompers and the like. What about using some clipart to print out some poster art for your little one’s room?

A themed birthday party is the perfect way to use ladybug graphics for decorations. Add one as a cake topper and then create matching or coordinating decor like banners, buntings, and the like. You could even make your own version of pin the dots on the ladybug for the kids to enjoy!

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