Lashes Clipart

Our lashes frame our eyes and in many ways, are the windows to the soul. Show them off at their best with some of our luscious lashes clipart.

There is actually a rare genetic condition whereby a person has several layers of eyelashes, which gives them that full bodied look we’re all after. The actress Elizabeth Taylor actually had this stunning mutation - just imagine not having to pfaff around with fake lashes and glue anymore. Alas, for us mortals, we must make do with all other tools at our disposal. At least as far as arts and crafts go, our cliparts have you covered.

Doodle Eye lashes Clipart

Bat those eyes with our free lashes clipart

Eye lashes add that extra enigmatic layer to our faces and help every man and woman get in touch with their inner mystique. Feast your eyes at our free lashes clipart and see which alluring glance draws you in.

The cliché images everyone sees on Valentine’s Day are love hearts, teddy bears, roses and all manner of red and pink frivolity. For the next day of romance, why not design a more cheeky and flirty card for your special someone, by adorning it with some sumptuous lashes. True love could just be a coquettish wink away!

If you’re a make-up artist or cosmetics blogger, we have a huge variety of different styles, so you can choose whichever clipart is appropriate for your content. Whether you prefer bold eye-liner, striking mascara or to go au naturale, with our gorgeous graphics, you’re bound to create a design that will hypnotize everyone with its sultry gaze.

Your lashes clipart file will hold everyone’s attention

If you want to design something for your social media or product range, you’re in luck - every lashes clipart file comes with a dual licence, so you have full flexibility to use your clipart for personal as well as commercial projects. Simply select the file type that works best with your preferred design software and great designs will be just a few clicks away!

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