Lemon SVGs

With a fun and colorful lemon SVG, your designs are bound to be the zest!

Someone says ‘lemons’ and the immediate connotations tend to be somewhat negative, focusing on the sour. But where would we be without lemons?? Consider all the seafood, desserts and cocktails that would be heartbreakingly inferior without the addition of this glorious fruit. And let’s not forget that these citrussy treats are not only an amazing source of Vitamin C, but also have anti-inflammatory properties!

Pay tribute and show your appreciation for these marvellous fruits with some cool and original crafts. Have a gander of our juicy collection and start squeezing out ideas!

Lemon svg
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When life gives you a free lemon SVG...

Pour yourself an ice-cold lemonade and ready your crafting machine. With a free lemon SVG, you’ll hardly be able to keep up with your own ideas for how to turn these delightful graphics into creative items.

Use your SVG to make stickers, decals, paper crafts, posters, banners, home accessories and garments, among many others. You can make a vinyl decal to decorate your laptop or phone cover, make a nice print to hang up at home or create some sharp online content and promotional materials for your business.

Top tip: you can use an SVG to transfer designs onto dishware and glass. Why not use your lemon SVG to personalize some glasses, a lemonade jug, tumblers or even your cocktail shaker.

Whatever your creative pursuits, be they digital or traditional, an SVG will always come in handy, and with a crafting machine you’ll be sure to produce a neat, professional finish.

Squeeze all the juice from a lemon SVG file

Your lemon SVG file crafts are sure to be very a-peeling. The bright yellow things can’t help but inspire warm, sunny thoughts. Take advantage of our dual license, which allows for both personal and commercial use, and make a whole range of tangy products. And be sure to check out some of our amazing discounts!

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