Lighthouse Clipart


There’s a strange, nostalgic romance to these structures - the simple nature of their purpose and functionality has meant little to no need for any drastic changes - so they remain a constant structure in an ever changing landscape. You can recreate this age old beauty with a modern design with the help of our lighthouse clipart collection.

One of the most famous lighthouses in the world is The Tower of Hercules, on the Atlantic coast of northern Spain. It is the oldest lighthouse still in use, built in the Roman times and with its unique square shape, believed to have been modelled after the Lighthouse of Alexandria - one of the original Seven Wonders of the ancient world.

Become the harbormaster with some free lighthouse clipart

Why not design your own outstanding landmark with the help of our free lighthouse clipart. Whether you’re a fan of the seaside, sailing or striking architecture, you’re bound to find a graphic in our collection that floats your boat.

A lighthouse guides sea vessels safely back to port - it lights the way during darkness and inclement weather, so it can be seen as a symbol of safety and stability, something sturdy that can be relied upon to illuminate the way forward. These are excellent associations to have with a brand or business, so you could use one of our cliparts as a new logo, or design your own monogram.

Our collection also includes many nautical bundles, so you can couple your lighthouse with all sorts of sea themed graphics, including knots, whales, sailing boats and tropical fish. You can make some customized t-shirts and accessories for your next beach vacation, or craft some unique gifts for a loved one that’s into sailing or works on the water.

Your lighthouse clipart file will guide the way

You can find a lighthouse on the coast of any climate or environment, so you can pick any theme or style for your lighthouse clipart file, be it Nordic fjords, African deserts or exotic islands - so don’t limit your ideas and have a little fun with what setting you could pop your lighthouse into!

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