Line Art Illustrations

The painter Paul Klee once said that “a line is a dot that went for a walk”. His combinations of cubist and surrealist style demonstrate perfectly how you can come up with striking images by simply putting paint, or ink, to paper and just follow your hand to see where it takes you. Make some of your own expressionist works with some line art illustrations to get you started on your ‘walk’.

Linear designs have become particularly popular in recent years. Thanks to artistic innovators like Kandinsky, Matisse and Bridget Riley, art and design has developed in exciting new directions - showcasing that you can create amazing and moving works of art with just a few simple lines.

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Woman with flowers| Line art illustration

Start with a blank sheet of paper and fill it with free line art illustrations

You’ll need minimal tools and materials to make some really striking designs with our range of free line art illustrations.

The Bauhaus style is one that lends itself especially well to this particular collection. This artistic movement focused on the merging of arts and crafts with modernism - the idea being to connect art with our everyday lives. Downloading an illustration, clipart or SVG is the perfect start to achieving just that, since you can put fun and unique designs onto practical items and adorn your personal items that you use every day. You can make decals, DIY your own home furnishings, create stunning greeting cards and gift wrap or even personalize your kitchenware. Everywhere you look, there’ll be a touch of the creative, but on practical things that you make use of all the time.

Line art paintings and drawings can be incredibly beautiful in their simplicity and make for a great addition to your home decor. Why not select one of our elegant illustrations that suits your individual style, print it on high quality paper and frame it, to build on your personal art collection.

The line art illustrations file is just a dot to you!

Well, a bunch of dots. And not to you, but to your printer or crafting machine. A neat and crisp finish are very important factors in making your line art as effective as possible, so with that in mind, a crafting machine is probably the best tool to use with your line art illustrations file. You’re guaranteed to get a high quality, professional piece, plus it’s that much easier to produce in bulk.

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