Lion SVGs

King of all animals, the lion is a mighty and fierce creature. That famous mane projects an image of strength and nobility, which can be utilized in your next design with a lion SVG.

With a dual license SVG, you can start crafting for your own pleasure or incorporate the lion in your commercial venture. All our bundles are very quick and easy to download and edit, so you just need to choose your crafting technique and ready the materials.

Go on a safari through our collection and pick a lion SVG that unleashes your inner creative animal.

Lion SVG / Lion illustration
$4.00 USD

Hear the free lion SVG roar

Well, what can’t you do with a lion? A lion head can make a daring logo, which you can decal and affix to your personal items or spice up your work space. A lion would also make for an awesome, one-of-a-kind t-shirt, which you can customize in Design Space, or similar, and sublimate. With a free lion SVG you can, quite literally, let your imagination go wild.

Top tip: let’s not forget that after the territory has been secured, it’s the females that do most of the hard work. They lack the distinguishing head fuzz, but they are the badass hunters that keep the pride going. Salute these female felines with a un-maned SVG - they’re fierce queens, just like their human counterparts.

Our collection also includes some truly adorable graphics, so a lion SVG can keep the little ones cozy as well. You can transfer a lion SVG onto a onesie or baby blanket, or even use it as a template to craft your own plush toy.

Feed your boredom to the lion SVG file

Given its most distinguishing feature, a lion SVG file would be a great tool to experiment with different materials for your crafting project. You can use a cut file with fabric or felt, and attach some wool or threads to make the mane. For a more subtle look, you could emboss the mane or teeth part of the design.

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