Lizard Clipart


Slurp slurp. Flicker that pink forked tongue! You might not automatically think of reptiles as cute, but our collection will change your mind. A little lizard clipart will slither into your heart and inspire some super awesome designs.

Take your imagination to far off exotic destinations and start coming up with some sun-kissed ideas, perfect for your next vacation. With your scaly buddy, you could create a myriad of fun arts and crafts, from sweet cartoons for the little ones, to intricate linear patterned lizards for folksy or tattoo style designs, to stunning graphics perfect for some frameable art or making your own unique gifts for friends and family, or adding a cool element to your webpage or social media posts.

Lizard Clipart
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Regenerate your digital portfolio with some free lizard clipart

Check out our gorgeous free lizard clipart and pick out a graphic that’ll help you create a really striking design.

Our collection features some really beautiful realistic watercolor illustrations, which could be part of a vintage layout or even used in an educational poster or a school display. You could combine vintage with quirky chic to design your own Monty Python style composition. Such styles are very popular in cocktail bars and cafes and would also make for very cool party venue decorations and unique invitations.

We tend to associate lizards with an exotic setting - afterall, you’d mostly find them in warm climates - so a well chosen lizard graphic would be the ideal addition to a warm, sunny design or crafting idea. You could try your hand at sublimation and decorate your own beachwear and accessories - transfer an adorable reptile onto t-shirts, tote bags, swimming costumes, even flip flops. If you have the right crafting machine, you could get really ambitious and use a clipart to make your own earrings, to complete the holiday look!

Scale up your crafting game with a lizard clipart file

Not only are we offering some amazing discounts on many of our bundles, but every lizard clipart file comes with a dual licence, so you can be as flexible as a lizard’s tail when it comes to using your favorite graphic for personal and commercial projects. So whether you choose a bearded dragon or a cheeky iguana, warm up those printers and gecko-ing on your next project!

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